Dog Lane Fishery © 2017

Terms & Conditions

Camping Terms & Conditions:

  1. Deposit  will be required when making your booking.
  2. Use of Laundry you will be provided with a pass code which is changed every week.
  3. Use of Electric Hookups for Kettles and small wattage appliances only.
  4. No loud noises after 11pm, eg. Radios, Drums, Guitars and behaviour likely to cause offence to others.
  5. Recyclable waste in bins provided. Any littering will mean you will not get to book with us again.
  6. Use of Open Fires, Throwaway Barbecues, Fireworks and Chinese Lanterns is Not Allowed.
  7. Fishing on the Lakes is on a Day Ticket  Only Basis, your camping booking does not give you free fishing.
  8. No Dogs are to be off their leads at any time whilst on the campsite.
  9. Absolutely NO SWIMMING in any of the lakes.
  10. By purchasing the right to camp at Dog Lane for the duration of your stay you have agreed to abide by these terms and conditions. Failing to do so, you will be required to leave.

Fishing Terms & Conditions:

  1. All Anglers Must be in Possession of a Valid EA Fishing Licence.
  2. All Persons wishing to fish must purchase a Day Ticket. (See relevant Lake Details for Prices and rules)
  3. The Use of Keep-nets is permitted for Silver Fish Only. Absolutely NO Carp of any Kind to be kept in nets, except during an arranged fishing match.
  4. No Barbed Hooks or Braid to be used.
  5. No Nuts or Artificial Baits and NO FLOATING BAITS.
  6. No Bait or Litter to be left on the bank. You WILL Not be welcome again if you leave litter behind.
  7. All Fish to be returned to the water alive.
  8. Anyone caught removing fish from the fishery will be prosecuted.
  9. By purchasing a Day Ticket to fish you have agreed to our rules and must abide by them. Failure to keep to these simple rules will result in you being asked to leave.