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Grebe Lake ~ 15 Peg Specimen Fish

The Grebe Lake has recently seen a transformation with the introduction of specimen carp to 40lb, turning it into the fisheries new specimen hunters dream pool. Depths vary from four feet at the narrow end to 12 feet off the dam wall. A number of hook baits work so make sure you bring a good selection with you.

ONE Angler per peg fishing ONLY from designated pegs and keeping within peg boundary

Bivvies ONLY, NO tents

Barbless hooks
No Nuts of any kind

EVERY ANGLER must have a minimum 42” landing net, padded unhooking mat/cradle and a carp care kit

NO SACKING of fish allowed

Moderate drinking of alcohol, anyone found intoxicated will be removed and membership revoked.
NO DOGS or dog walkers around the lake
Keep pegs clean and tidy use the bins provided in the main car park


Day Ticket Monday to Sunday each day £13*  (No Day Tickets issued on Fridays)


24 Hour Ticket (from time of arrival)    £25*

3rd Rod                                               £3*

1 Year Fishing Membership Required for Grebe and Widgeon £5

Gates open 6:30am to 8:30pm

*Tickets Issued Subject to Dog Lane T&C